Doggy Day Camp

Our playrooms are equipped with their own cleaning and porch potty stations to keep your pup clean. Our pups are taken to our 2,000 sq ft. outdoor space to relieve themselves midday. Our pups are separated into playgrounds from 9-5 pm according to size and personality.

Most dogs don’t like to be left alone, and with Strut Your Pup’s Doggy Day Camp they’ll never have to be. Your pet will be able to have fun with the other dogs all day long!

Our Doggy Day Camp is a fun and enriching experience for your furry friend!

Our Doggy Day Camp is the ultimate experience for your pup

Strut Your Pup is a small business, but we have a lot of experience taking care of dogs. Our employees are all certified in Pet CPR and First Aid, and they all undergo training in dog behavior. When you send your pup to Doggy Day Camp, you’ll receive daily reports so you know exactly how they’re doing. Doggy Day Camp does curbside pickup and drop off!

Doggie Daycare Requirements

Dog Needs to be up to date on vaccines:
Fecal Test Negative
Flea/Tick Preventive
Spay/ Neuter

*Male dogs over 6 months must be neutered.
*Female dogs over 6 months during heat can not attend daycare

Daily Camp Activities

Send your documentation so we can see if you're ready to get started

7:00 am Doggy Day Camp opens
8:30 am – 10:00 am Meet and greet
10:00 am – 11:00 am Transport pup arrive to greet their daycare friends
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Activity for the day
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Lunch and any treats brought by pet parents
1:00 pm to – 2:00 pm Outdoor playtime in a 2000 square foot play area, includes time for going potty
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Activity for the Day
3:00 pm: – 4:00 pm Nap time
4:30 pm Begin checkout and loading your doggy to come home on the doggy school bus
5:00 pm Activities conclude for the day
8:00 pm Day Care is open until 8 pm, after activities are finished for the day

Dog Orientation

The first day of Doggy Day Camp begins with orientation. Orientation is a great way to introduce your Pup to their new playmates in a safe and gradual manner. At Strut Your Pup, we want all doggies to have a great experience when they come to camp for the first time.


Your K-9 friend sits in a holding area to observe the other doggies. This portion of orientation lasts about half an hour to an hour. We want to see how your pup feels watching other dogs play.


We introduce your doggy to each new playmate, one at a time, to see how they interact with each other. Meeting a new friend is a great way to ease into a new environment.


After you pup is feeling safe and ready to go, we open up the gate so your doggy can go play with their new pack of friends.

For dogs who may be having a tough day, we offer alternative Doggy Day Camp playrooms so your pup can have some alone time for the day. Everybody needs a break sometimes. Additionally, your pup will have a modified outdoor play time without all the distractions from the other dogs.

******Note we are checking aggression, possessiveness, prey drive, stress or tension. Most of our new K-9 friends are ready to play as the time progresses during the orientation process.******


Get more info about vaccinations, camp requirements & forms

on your first playtime session

- Ask about our -Membership pricing!

$49 Full Day
$35 Half Day (5 hrs)
5 Day Pack $225 ($45 a day) w/ transport $275
10 Day Pack $399 ($40 a day) w/ transport $499
20 Day Pack $699 ($35 a day) w/ transport $849

*expires after 3 months

Pup Membership

$675 monthly
Free Monthly Spa Bath
20% off Hotel

~ 3 month min. sign up


Get more info about vaccinations, camp requirements & forms