Doggy Day Camp

Strut Your Pup is a small business, but we have a lot of experience taking care of dogs. Our employees are all certified in Pet CPR and First Aid, and they all undergo training in dog behavior. When you send your pup to Doggy Day Camp, you’ll receive daily reports so you know exactly how they’re doing. Doggy Day Camp does curbside pickup and drop off!

How to Get Started

Here’s how you get started at Doggy Day Camp!

  • Send us your vaccinations! Your pup must be up to date with the Rabies & Distemper combo vaccine and the Bordetella vaccine, must be Fecal Test Negative in the last year, must have flea and tick preventive treatment, and must be spayed or neutered.*
  • Create a profile at this link {URL}. If you prefer not to create the profile yet, you can email us or text us your vaccinations.
  • We will create your profile so we can chat with you, update your info, and schedule your orientation.

*Male dogs over 6 months must be neutered.
*Female dogs over 6 months during heat cannot attend Day Camp.


Orientation: What Happens on Their First Day

  • We make sure to first observe your pup’s behavior in a safe area where the pack can observe them. We check for aggression, possessiveness, and signs of stress or tension.
  • We introduce each dog one by one (we don’t want to flood the new dog with greetings or traumatize them by having them meet too many dogs at once).
  • Once your dog is ready to play, we open the gate so they can have fun at Doggy Day Camp!

Lunch Time at Doggy Day Camp

Lunch time at Doggy Day Camp is from 12-1pm. Here are a few things you’ll need to know:

  1. We do not provide new meals to the dogs to ensure they don’t get an upset stomach; please bring a meal for your pup.
  2. Dogs are always fed separately from each other.
  3. Pups are given ample time to rest to avoid getting bloat.